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As other reviewers have said, a lot of the cheese from Forever has gone, but I'm not sure if you can polish this waste. The problem isn't the editor, it's more a problem of the film itself as the film is quite simply a mess and I doubt many people surrounding this film initially thought that they would end up with a car crash of a film (still.....Batman & Robin, anyone?)

The deleted scenes are grainy, off-coloured and unfortunately don't match the rest of the film. On whole, I don't really think they improve the film much and I'm sure they were originally deleted because Bruce basically tells the audience that he is "whole" with Batman (whatever that means) with his final confrontation with The Riddler.

Maybe, The Riddler and Two Face could have been further toned down. I don't blame you for leaving The Riddler as Jim Carrey is visually amazing and I don't know if making the film "darker" was your true intention. The scene with the "dark/light Two Face girls" is very cheesy and I honestly thought that the scene in particular would have been kept to an minimum....but recently thinking about it again, it may have looked awkward when the girls re-appear at The Riddler's exhibition and at the evil island in the final confrontation. Who knows how it would have looked, I can't really pass judgement.

Another problem is Chase, she could have been reduced even further really. Maybe it could be someone's job to see if they could remove her completely? I personally don't see much need for the character at all. Nicole Kidman was purely in it for her name and nothing else.

On conclusion, I think you did your best trying to change the film. Maybe you could have made the film darker by changing the soundtrack audio and trimming the remaining bits of cheese you left in? But again, maybe that was not your intention. Would I keep this edit and watch it again? Probably not. But the cuts in audio and visuals were very well made and I'm sure you got the end result that you personally wanted to achieve, so good on you.

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