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The music and colour grading are blended together rather nicely to create an atmospheric viewing experience with the intro immediately drawing me in with it's use of text, music and colour to the point that it almost felt like the start to a very different film and I mean that in the best possible sense, the effective use of colour throughout this edit by the editors gave the colour grading and isolation in certain scenes more meaning pertaining to the characters internal and external developments within there sub narratives and the main overarching narrative.

The placement of the deleted scene of Arkham Asylum at the narratives conception coupled with the scene of Arkham Asylum at the narratives conclusion gave the edit a nice circular bookends kind of feel and the utilisation of other deleted scenes helped to strengthen Batman & Robin's character arcs with the death of The Flying Graysons being way more dramatic than the theoretical cut thanks to some creative editing choices and well I am aware that last point has nothing to do with deleted scenes I thought I'd bring it up since it ties to start of young Grayson's character journey.

Well the bombastic campiness and overacting gets on my nerves, though that's more of a problem I have with the source material rather than this edit and I imagine reducing the large amounts of camp and overacting would prove quite tricky given how the theoretical source was produced. The eradication of small detrimental moments such as the BatButt and certain characters moments of questionable intelligence alleviate some of the campiness and overacting with the new colour grading and music certainly helping with said alleviation.

The idea of tying the colour red to the edit via Thomas Wayne's journal was genius and the small douses of red that appeared in those flashbacks gave them meaningful levels of intensity perfectly reflecting the rage and grief within young Bruce's soul, I kind of wish there was more red throughout this edit like the Cover Art heck I wouldn't have minded if the entire edit was doused in red mainly because it was so engrossing and pleasing to look at as I found myself pausing and rewinding several times just so I could engross myself in it's dark gothic beauty.

I agree with another reviewer that there was a little bit of an inconsistency with the colour visuals here and there though that's more of a nitpick from me than a major detraction as is Batman's silent mouthing around the 19:18-1919 minute marks, I get that it may have been put in place to remove/silence his exasperated ''Women'' comment but I think just cutting to the pulling of the lever would have worked better though if I am ever to watch Batman Forever again than I will gladly choose this over it's theoretical counterpart anyday.

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