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Batman – Dluppers Fan Edit
August 01, 2008    
(Updated: March 08, 2013)
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So I know that this edit is 4 years old and the editor is long gone, but I watched this edit as part of my Batman Fanedit Marathon and I feel obligated to give my review.

First let me say that when I joined this site this edit intrigued me immensely. Batman and Batman Returns mashed up to play side by side. I had to see this. Alas, it was offline. Thankfully a few months ago Frink reuploaded to Megashares and I downloaded it immediately. I decided to wait to watch it until The Dark Knight Rises came out and here we are.

Without further ado…

This edit is pretty much a mess. The opening credits is a good place to start. The comic book style credits was a brilliant idea and it was almost pulled off. Unfortunately there were a ton of grammar errors and the text bubbles were formatted wrong.

The edit starts off well enough, introducing the myth of the Bat and setting up the villains. Then I noticed that in Batman Returns there’s a lot of snow on the ground and in Batman no snow. I can nitpick about a lot of small things (there are 2 different mayors in Gotham at the same time supposedly, not to mention that Penguin is running for mayor for reasons we know not of) but instead I’ll just stick to the main flaw.

This is 2 totally different movies that don’t play well when pieced together. I mean look, you have Dent and the Mayor denying Batman exists, then 10 minutes later for no apparent reason they’re holding a press conference unveiling the Bat Signal.

At least the finales weren’t spliced together to be side by side. But even so, Batman rescues Vicki and kills the Joker then is immediately in the Bat Sub going after Penguin.

Audio/Video Quality – 7 (2 1/2 hour movie compressed to SL DVD)
Visual Editing – 8 (no complaints here really except that credit sequence and 1 or 2 awkward fades)
Audio Editing – 7 (Abrupt audio transitions here and there)
Degree of Editing – 4 (more attention to how to it plays out as a film would have been nice)

(NOTE: “Degree of Editing” is a 100% arbitrary rating that I keep in mind when reviewing edits. This is not meant to insinuate that a faneditor is lazy or not. Some fanedits require a lot more work than others and I take this into account.)

Narrative – 5 (originals are 9 & 8)
Enjoyment – 5 (originals are 10 & 8)

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