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I watched this yesterday, on my tablet with headphones.

I mostly agree with njvc's review.

The bad: well, I own the Bluray of this movie, with surround sound and this particular edit cannot replace my copy because the richness of Tim Burton's movie doesn't come to full display with this offered video file. I don't know if the color correction is an issue with the DVD release but this version, I find the colors rather murky and obviously detail is missing, resolution-wise. So on the basis of visual image and sound, I would have to stay with the original source.

The volume was rather low, I had to turn the audio way up. I checked on my 60" TV as well as PC.

Alfred is sorely undercut.

The good: removing Vicky Vale works, the shortened museum encounter works, removing Joker as Bruce's killer works.

All in all, I would say that it is a good edit in that it appears seamless, I can only see it because I am well familiar with this movie and a Batman fan to boot. I didn't like Tim Burton's Batman movies until Joel Schumacher came long and showed how much worse it could be.

As a *movie ending*, it does seem rather unsatisfying and over quick, but as story-telling, it does work.

If you want to see a shorter Batman 1989, watch it, with no Batman-killings, no Joker killed his parents and no Vicky Vale knows his secret. If you enjoy visual quality and surround sound, the changes are not enough to make me want to switch.

Good job.

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