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Burton's Batman and its sequel were AMAZING back in the day. I remember seeing them both in theater and enjoying them a lot.
But, as for most of Burton's movies, they aged poorly, IMO. They are still watchable, they have nice settings, cool actors numbers
and all, but I don't know... I fall asleep each time I want to see them now. I'm afraid I find them... dated.

Dwight Fry's version of Batman (89) was a refreshing way to revisit this movie.
It's Still Batman (89) but the pace is better, it flows well. I did not fall asleep this time, lol.
Even if it looks like I'm the only man alive to still have a soft spot for Kim Basinger I did not mind some of her scenes being removed. She's still there, but enough to still be part of the story without slowing down the pace.

The Joker not being the killer of Bruce's dad an mom is well done, but I guess I so have the original movie version in mind that I found
something was missing... (maybe removing completely the scene could have also worked?)
But really, for someone who would never have seen the original I think Dwight Fry's version would work very well.

All the transitions, the music replacement at times, and all the cuts are impeccable.

My hat off to Fry for his work and patience during the long making of this fanedit. The result is very professional.

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