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Hey everyone, growing up I would watch Batman '89 all the time. It was to the point where I knew the films ins and outs very well. I know most kids would normally get a disney movie to watch and that'd be their favorite. But mine was Batman '89. Michael Keaton is a great Batman. So when I heard that Dwight was fanmixing Batman '89, I was kinda curious to see how it'd turn out. It was a bit of a wait. However, I have to say that it was very much worth the wait.

It removes one of the clunkiest parts of Batman '89, the love story. It felt like it was shoe horned in. There were other scenes that just seemed to slow the film down. Instead of letting it play out. Now, Dwight has improved the film immensely by his changes. I'm not going to say what all they are to spoil it for those that haven't seen this yet. But, I'd highly recommend giving it a watch.

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