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Shorts September 25, 2008 2716
(Updated: September 19, 2012)
May 18, 2012

Depth of Darkness – Arguably the best of the bunch, this was a fanediting work of art! 10/10
The Case of the Chemical Syndicate – Absolutely stunning. You nailed the feel and style of an old T.V. show. Perfect! 10/10
Mayhem and Mistletoe – Terrfic! I loved the visuals! 9/10
Intruder Alert – Ugh. Good editing but the material you had to work with sucks. 5/10
The Gordon Perpective – Not bad. 7/10
The Killing Joke – I didn’t like this one bit. Altough it had good editing, the video quality is subpar and I hate that T.V. show. Not really your fault though. 2/10
The Savings Never End! – Epic fail. I could not understand one word you said, and I was bored to tears. 1/10
Bat Memento – Good editing. 8/10
Pussy Control – Good, but since we see this exact scene twice I was rather bored. 6/10
Inner Turmoil – I didn;t really connect with this one. Sorry man. 5/10

Overall rating: 9/10 Great work guys!
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