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(Updated: September 19, 2012)
October 24, 2009

This was a very entertaining project.

InfoDroid – What a fantastic idea! And the execution was brilliant. I was a touch confused here and there, mainly due to my unfamiliarity with the source material, but once I caught up, I really enjoyed it. I was surprised how many sources you used. Well done. 10 Frinks out of 10.

Throw – Another great short. Returns is my favorite of all the movies, and to see this in b/w with color highlights was fantastic. I especially loved the opening music with the first scenes you chose. I think you mentioned the possibility of doing this for the whole movie, and I’d love to see it. But I’m curious – would you cut out the Penguin in a full version? :-) 10 Frinks out of 10.

JMB – Joker’s origin from the first movie as a TV episode? I loved it! The credits were great, especially the “Dark Knight will return in a moment” bit. And keeping the focus on Nicholson was a fun way to go. This made me want to program my DVR for next week’s episode. 9 Frinks out of 10.

Dluppers – Meh. I applaud the attempt at using the fourth movie, it took guts. But it just reminded me how awful the movie was. 5 Frinks out of 10.

UA – This was a very professional and technically impressive edit. Unfortunately, I’m not really a fan of the current Batman films, so I’m probably not one to judge this. I did like how the focus remained on Gordon, but the “Batman Voice” still drives me crazy, and Gordon’s action hero bit at the end bugged me as much in this as it did in the original movie. But none of this is UA’s fault, and once again the edit was very well done. Just not my cup of tea. 6 Frinks out of 10.

Jack Tourette – I didn’t realize there was a live action Batman show. It reminded me a bit of a lower budget Smallville. Having never seen this before, it’s hard to comment on the actual editing, other than to say I didn’t see anything distracting or poorly done. A nice piece of work. 7 Frinks out of 10.

Grievous Angel Draven – Yikes. I really wanted to like this based on the description. It’s a great idea. But it might have worked a lot better as a 30 or 60 second commercial, rather than a 10 minute infomercial. And I didn’t really care for the narrator voice treatment. At any rate, I’m glad this was on there, because it was a fun attempt at something different, even if it didn’t quite work for me. 3 Frinks out of 10.

Mollo – This was really great. It’s too bad there were two pieces on the project that used such similar stuff, although in the end this was obviously much different from Throw’s work. The beginning credits were nice, the end credits were superb (laughed like crazy, I did), and the actual edit itself was very well done. 9 Frinks out of 10.

Kolpitz – I liked this a lot. A great idea and it was very well executed. Is it me, or did the animated Bruce Wayne look anything like Brock Sampson from The Ventrue Bros? 8 Frinks out of 10.

Boon/CBB (yeah, I noticed it said CBB on the menu but Boon in the edit) – Wow. I am not much of a Nolan Batman fan, but I loved this! What a wonderful idea and flawlessly executed. 10 Frinks out of 10.

This was a great project and I’m really glad I had the chance to view it. Thanks to all the editors for putting this together. Overalll, 8 Frinks out of 10.
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