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(Updated: September 24, 2012)
September 27, 2008

A few thoughts as I watched this…

Depths of Darkness:
One or two pieces of material felt (unavoidably) a little out of place stylistically, but this is the standout piece from this collection. Great work.

Chemical Syndicate:
Very well reformatted as an episode of early '90s TV. Reminds me of just how desperately The Flash TV show tried to emulate the style/success of Burton's Batman.

Intruder Alert!:
Man, "Batman and Robin" just stinks no matter what you do to it. No offense, Dluppers.

Mayhem and Mistletoe:
The Sin City approach was a great idea. It felt very natural meshed with Burton's style.

Bat Memento:
Merging Begins with the style of a previous Nolan film was inspired.

Inner Turmoil:
A great way to incorporate multiple forms of Batman's history. The visual quality of the Animated Series segments detracted slightly, but not enough to lower my score.

Savings Never End:
The idea is sound, but the actual piece didn't do much for me. I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but the main thing that made it hard to watch was having the voice over so loud that it was distorted. (Either that or was recorded poorly.)

Pussy Control:
Some great editing in the introductory scenes. And quite funny to see some very similar choices to a previous edit I had been trying. Thank goodness mine wasn't working out.

Killing Joke:
The source footage for this edit has harsh, distorted audio and pretty mediocre picture quality. Which is a pity, because using B.o.P makes it stand out from the crowd.

As a collection, this was great fun. I absolutely can’t wait for the next one, whether I get to participate or not.
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