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May 24, 2009
OK – well I’ve downloaded twice now, this is now in fact the second version of this animation that I’ve watched and I’ve enjoyed watching them both.

There were a few issues with plot in the first version, but I’m pleased to say that Jack Tourette has corrected these issues and we now have a tight cohesive narrative.

No visual issues to speak of. Some nice transitions have been worked into the edit to amalgamate all three episodes. Picture is nice and sharp for an XVID version. 10/10

Again, no issues, all edits are seemless and there are again some nice audio transitions.10/10

The edit
This is essentially a mash up of three episodes and it works very well. As I aleady said, the first edition contained a few ‘huh?’ moments, but the movement of one scene and removal of another has essentially straightened this out. The beginning credits for Batman Beyond are pretty cool and the end credits which previously were Batman ‘film’ credits have been changed to Batman Beyond credits, making it feel a little more in it’s own ‘zone’ as it were.

I didn’t notice anything missing from this edit, not at all – the narrative is tight and streamlined, apparently there’s a whole sequence removed involving the Vietnam War – you’d never know it!

Introduction of Spellbinder early on makes this really feel like Batman is facing two foes at once and enough scenes are used to keep you remembering both. I thoroughly enjoyed this!

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