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What a treat JMB has given us! So far, this is my favourite fan edit and, in my opinion, an improvement on the original version of Batman Begins.

Cheesy lines and cliche jokes have pretty much all been removed, resulting in a consistent tone throughout the movie. Very atmospheric.

I really liked that Batman was even more of a loner in this edit (having the AI drive the batmobile at the end instead of Gordon, and tweaks to several scenes involving Rachel)

The adjustments made to the last scene with Rachel (in the rubble of Wayne manor) were especially impressive and actually resulted in an ending (in regards to their relationship) that made more sense and felt more in line with the essence of Batman (from the comics).

Rachel's voice! With JMB's adjustments to her voice, I could actually take her seriously rather than feeling like I'm listening to an annoying child.

I like that the over-the-top-ness of the bad guys (main villains like Falcone and Scarecrow, as well as henchmen) was toned down. I found them kind of silly in the theatrical cut.

And while I really liked the rooftop part of the batmobile chase scene in the theatrical cut, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the chase sequence worked without that segment (and the god-awful acting by the cops). I really liked that Rachel no longer asks "what are you doing?" and Batman says, "shortcut".

There were various adjustments made to imagery and audio throughout, but they were never out of place. The editing seemed quite professionally done. The only time an edit seemed slightly choppy was when Batman told Alfred (via radio or something) that the batmobile was his failsafe (when he was going after Ras in the train). Even then, it wasn't blaringly obvious or intrusive, and in terms of the plot and nature of Batman, it actually made more sense than having Gordon drive it.

Overall, an exceptional fan edit that I think is a lot better than the original version. I wish this is the version that I had seen in theatres. From now on, I will be watching this edit when I want my Batman fix.

Thank you very much JMB.

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