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FanFix June 01, 2009 8781
(Updated: August 20, 2012)
Great job! I really enjoyed this.

The cuts were well chosen and produced a film that felt a bit more on par with the tone of The Dark Knight, and overall flowing much better. I was amazed at how dramatically different Katie Holmes’ character seemed here! Gone is the bitchiness, and with the change in her voice’s pitch (jarringly noticeable at first, but so natural that you get used to it quickly) Rachel Dawes became a character I could actually accept as an Assistant DA.

I did notice a couple problems, however. In the scene where Lucius and Bruce first drive the Tumbler, the bits cut from Lucius’ lines kinda stand out. My biggest problem was with the DVD, which had problems loading on my Blu-Ray player (although once it finally got started there were no further issues). Overall, a great experience!
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