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(Updated: August 11, 2022)
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It really is the sub zero "cheese" version. I'd say the majority of the frozen stale cheese within the film is melted away. The intro is exactly how it should have been done originally. The fight scenes look more slick and do not look as goofy. The one liners are mostly gone and the odd one or two which remain are just enough for a Batman film. Oh and Bane who?

The score actually sounds brilliant now. I remember it being extremely off-putting originally. The change of soundtrack improves the film alone. Changing from colour to B&W contrasts well with the ice visuals throughout the film. It makes Mr Freeze's blaster effects (and Mr Freeze himself) look much more deadlier too!

Batgirl and Robin? Well less is more in this case. Even Clooney wasn't great. I'm glad Batgirl's lines were cut short...everyone knows the entire script is awful....the speech is just terrible, but Batgirl suffered the worst in the theatrical release...Did she just not bother because the script was so bad? Whatever the case, it still shows here even with her mostly being cut right down....I never liked the whole racing scene either. Were Batgirl or Robin needed at all?

This edit seems more aimed towards an older audience. The original is strange for that reason as it really didn't seem to know who to capture, it seemed like a kids film, but the actual themes revolving around death, ecology (a very big theme in the 21st Century, was Poison Ivy just an extreme Greta Thunberg?) and sexual lust are quite adult for a kiddy audience, but then it would make sense why they added so much silly goofy humour and cartoonish visuals to hide it.

My conclusion on this "Deep Freeze" edit would be that if you ever wanted to watch Batman & Robin ever again then this would be the one to go for. I do recommend it and I didn't cringe...too much! ;-)

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