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Musiced has made us believe in the same way Donner enabled us to have faith in a man who could fly. Here, a Bat has earned it's wings!

Deep Freeze is a tidy, focused 90 minute forraye into the themes of lust, loss, age, vulnerability, teamwork, and family. It feels very much, through the use of the atmospheric and gothic filtering and editorial course corrections, like a natural end point for the Batman of '89 in his middle age if he had allowed himself to be more open. The performances are more dialled in, their stories make sense, there is strategy to the cuts that sees Freeze at his absolute, with Ivy helping his arc along. Ivy isn't forgotten in the crosshairs either.

The choice of music also brings the film more in touch with the earlier Burton movies without being beholden to them, and the scores bring out the more humane and sombre touches, bringing to life every character action, reaction and motivation.

It's often said you can't polish a turd, but somehow Musiced has manged to thaw our hearts and made us reevaluate this little popsicle Batman and Robin can be made ideal in an unideal world, which means there's hope for the rest of us.
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