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Holy Reconceptualization Batfans!!!!

I can not even believe this is the same movie!

Even though I am a long time fan and supporter of MusicEd, when he announced this project, I must be honest, that small part of me was skeptical that he could pull this off. But pull it off he has, and then some!

The Black & White conversion looks great! Never too dark that you can't make out important background details and never too bright that it looks washed out. But most importantly, it just immediately creates a new mood and tone that perfectly suits the world of our favourite dark knight detective.

This new tone is further solidified by the incredible new soundtrack from the Arkham games that Ed has added. Gone are the more over the top, bombastic music beats replaced by a darker, edgier, Gotham-esque sound.

But the real accomplishment is in the cut work! Over 30 minutes sliced away, Ed has significantly toned down the moronic badguy elements, making them feel now more like mustache twirling comic book villains. And by trimming back on Freeze and Ivy, it moves the Alfred subplot to the center stage, giving the overall movie significantly more dramatic and emotional weight. It is an incredible narrative accomplishment. Of course, with such dramatic trims, there is the occasional moment where the dialogue does not flow quite naturally enough or you can not hide every silly moment like our heroes on skates, but these a fleeting and minor issues, none of which deterred from my enjoyment.

As I watched, many times I remarked to myself how much this fan edit reminded me of the classic Animated Series... a fantastic blend of Noir, Spectacle and Character.

This is some delicious popcorn entertainment. Highly recommended.

Thumbs Up!!!!
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