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(Updated: February 22, 2013)
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This is an interesting fanedit, showing what a man would be like with an alternate persona that would be a sadistic bad guy instead of the good one that we need, but not right now. The fanedit shares the plot twist from American Psycho (2000), which most of the footage from this fanedit comes with, along with Batman Begins (2005), but adds on extra plot from The Machinist (2004) to expand it. Overall, this is well put together as it shows a man completely lose who he is (for the better of humanity?)

I only watched the AVI as that was the only format available (a DVD would have been nice, but I'm not here to make demands.) and it was appropriate for a 700 MB AVI. It did have a little bit of pixelation throughout the movie, but it wasn't horrible. The only real problems i had were the opening and ending credits. It was pretty easy to see that the credits at the beginning had been covered up to match the background and it did overlap with some of the blood. The end credits look a little weird and stretched. I didn't mind them, but they did stand out.

This is still a recommend to anyone who wouldn't mind seeing a mash-up of two plots from two completely different movies. Thumbs up from me.

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