Back to the Future 3: Marty Changes History

Back to the Future 3: Marty Changes History

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Back to the Future 3: Marty Changes History
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Less convoluted and faster paced, because adventures through time are confusing enough already.
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Brief Synopsis:
Back to the Future's sequels were filmed at the same time. It feels that they planned one sequel and realized there was too much material to put it all in one movie. Instead of trimming the story, they padded it to make two cinema-length movies. In today's age of binge-watching, this results in "fast-forward" moments of repetitive exposition and repeating opening and closing scenes. Back To The Future 3 - Marty Changes History removes the padding to create a stream-lined, less convoluted story that combines smoothly with Back to the Future 2 - Biff Changes Time for a double-feature viewing experience.
The primary goal for BttF3 is to trim BttF Parts 2 and 3 for back-to-back viewing that clocks in under three hours. less convoluted. The secondary goal is a tighter narrative with a few less twists that helps the viewer stay in the movie. They're not merged because so much happens in Part 2, that it's more enjoyable to have a short break before jumping into Part 3.
Additional Notes:
Before watching this, enjoy Back to the Future 2 - Biff Changes Time for the start of this story.
Special Thanks:
Thank you Sinbad for your extensive feedback. Thanks to Theryaney for the great cover. Also thanks to SonOf Sinbad, tylerdurden389, moviefan95, and the FE community for sharing their expertise.
Release Information
Special Features
Video: 1080p MKV (7.9GB, 1.85:1, 1920x1040)
Audio: AC3 5.1 (640kbps), director’s commentary (original)
Subtitles: Yes (English, not hard-coded)
Editing Details:
BttF3 has a few twists and repetitions that don't advance the story. E.g. Doc changing his mind that he'll stay in 1885, then telling Marty he'll go back to 1985 after all, then changing his mind again and back again. It's already clear he's torn about leaving Clara without that back and forth. The distractions were cut without losing the emotional dilemma.
Cuts and Additions:
- [Major cut] We open with Doc reading his own letter. No need to recap BttF2, and it removes the Doc's fainting lasting all night and being completely disoriented by Marty being back. Now he's recovered from his initial faint and is curious to find out what happened. We do lose some opening credits, but the closing credits remain intact, so no one is left out (cuts 6m05s).
- Slight trims to dialog when Doc and Marty excavate the DeLorean. Removed Doc praising Jules Verne: of course he's a fan of Jules Verne. This was an unneccesary set-up for Doc's later enthusiasm of Verne's stories in conversation with Clara.
- Removed Doc's pointless countdown and gun from the drive-in cinema scene. If Doc had a gun, why didn't he give it to Marty as part of his outfit?
- Small trims to dialog inside the McFly farm.
- Trimmed Marty's entry into town. Removed focus on the tomb stone. Cut the stage coach almost running Marty over and Marty jumping in horse dung (cuts 1m).
- To maintain continuity after cutting the horse dung, I flipped the shot of Marty looking aside, before he enters the saloon.
- Trimmed Tannen chasing and hanging Marty. The chase is plausibly shorter and the hanging looks less gruesome.
- Slight trims in Doc and Clara dialog. For pacing.
- Trimmed Doc's exposition to Marty of the time travel plan. Redundant. This scene went through the most iterations: the desired cut created a smoother narrative flow but one jarring visual (Doc was in the wrong place from one shot to the next). Without a usable cutaway shot to insert, I reworked the scene to remove the visual jump while retaining the improved narrative flow. The solution was to overlay parts of the audio exposition over different parts of the video exposition.
- Cut Tannen and his gang surrendering their guns to Marshal Strickland. Tannen still pulls a gun on Doc so the scene was pointless (cuts 1m44s).
- Removed Marty's "Far out." and Seamus confused response. Not funny.
- Cut Doc's automated breakfast. For pacing.
- Cut some of the town folks' overly nice greetings to Marty.
- Cut Marty being measured for a coffin. Cut Doc and Marty staring at the tombstone and its 1955 photo. No more 'Did the photograph change yet to what we want?'.
- Cut Doc changing his mind to stay in 1885 and changing it back to go with Marty. It added confusion and wasn't needed: Doc is still obviously conflicted about leaving Clara behind (cuts 1m28s).
- Swapped scenes of Marty riding back to the smithy and Clara getting on the train. For continuity.
- [Major cut] Trimmed Doc's romantic rambling in the saloon. Removed Doc going unconscious from his first sip of alcohol. You can still briefly see Doc passed out in a chair when Marty does his iconic Clint Eastwood looking up from under his brimmed hat. I didn't want to lose that shot and I figure Marty holds the viewer's attention so Doc won't be noticed. Now Doc mentions his hangover as Marty pushes him out the backdoor (cuts 5m02s).
- Removed Tannen counting to 10, to maintain continuity.
- Slight trim to Marty punching Tannen. Removed one punch for pacing.
- Slight trims to Doc and Marty chasing the train, walking across the train, Clara chasing the train. For pacing.
- Trimmed Clara hanging from the train after the last log ignites, to remove special effects that aged poorly.
- Slight trim to Marty driving on the train tracks with people looking surprised, and to Marty jumping out of the Delorean for the oncoming train. For pacing.
- Trimmed Marty and Needles revving for the traffic light.
- Slight trim to Marty and Jennifer seeing Doc's steam train arrive. For pacing.
- Sped up end credits to fit only the BttF Western theme (cuts 2m28s).
- Smoothed out audio transitions throughout. I understand why some editors prefer to render in stereo instead of surround!
- Updated the English subtitles (not hard-coded).
- Added the Director's Commentary. It's shorter than the film and not a scene-by-scene, so no editing required.
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This was a great edit, almost nothing I loved or missed was cut out. Although there were a couple times I could tell something has been edited out just by the hard cut. Yet it was a good edit nonetheless. The only thing I miss was when mad dog was counting down and Marty says he going to forfeit. That whole thing could have been kept in, also doc getting drunk to the point of passing out could have been kept in because it made sense. The whole gravestone having no name then Marty's fake name would have been good to keep in also. I recommend this to any back to the future fan out there. Yet for me, personally, the original movie will stay the definitive version.

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