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FanFix November 19, 2008 7105
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The DVD release of Azazel is a perfect template of what a Fanedit should be. It takes a flawed film and makes it better. much better.

The film/edit itself is flawless and in my opinion improves upon the original elevating it from mediocre thriller to a really good mystery ala Se7en.

Boons skill is really amazing and it is on full display here. It does not show that this was a fanedited film, and could easily pass for a full fledged studio release. The inclusion of 3 featurettes really shows his care for the edit and lets the viewer see what was removed and why. My favorite extra to find on any fanedit is a commentary by the editor explaining the choices he/she made and it lets the viewer look at things from a different viewpoint as well as learn how or why something was done. I hope to see more of these in the future

The beautiful DVD menu is by far the best I have seen on any fanedit to date and really hit this one out of the park. It is easy to see why this was chosen as a fanedit of the month. well done!

Audio: 5/5 – Seamless. The removal of the narration and subsequent re-scoring of the scenes blew me away. This is done so well I didnt even know they were missing.

Video: 5/5 – Clear, nice picture despite the limited source material/older DVD release. New DVD menus look amazing.

Entertainment: 5/5 – I enjoyed Azazel much more than I did the original “fallen” this isnt just an alternate version, this is a better version.
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