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(Updated: March 31, 2021)
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I always wanted to see a more serious version of Roger Moore's Bond. This is it. All the corny jokes, one liners and silliness have been cut out. There's no silly fire engine chase. No Beach Boys. The Eiffel Tower sequence has been edited perfectly. This is the Bond I always wanted Roger Moore to play. It's more heavily cut than the LS cut. It makes it a more serious film. I have just one criticism. It just ended abruptly. There's no after action scene to bring us gently down to earth at the end of the film. Or rather, there's no Bond in bed with the girl at the end. I understand why it was done. The girl in this case was Tanya Roberts. Roger Moore was probably old enough to be her grandfather. So I understand it. But I think personally, I might have been tempted to leave at least some of that in there, for the sake of rounding out the film itself, because as it stands, the film does just end rather abruptly with the climactic fight scene atop the Golden Gate Bridge. That said, this is still the kind of Bond film that I always wanted Roger Moore to make, and one I would happily watch again.

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