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FanMix October 29, 2009 4973
This review is for the Dual Layer DVD version

Technically, video, audio quality and editing work is very good throughout. 10

Presentation is very good as well.
-Motion menu with audio, 3 trailers and 48 minutes of deleted scenes.

There is no chapter menu, but I rarely use that anyway. But still, it keeps it from getting a perfect presentation score.
What’s nice is that the deleted scenes is broken up into chapters as well, so you can just skip forward to scroll through each scene, just like when you’re watching the movie.
Presentation scores a 9.

About the edit itself.
This is a long edit and feels like 2 movies glued together, which is fine and enjoyable enough.
I did enjoy the first half more than the second half, but the editing work in the second half, with the insertion of the Outbreak footage, is impressive indeed.
The main thing that detracted from enjoying the second half is that it seemed to be always dark and raining. I just wanted to see the creatures – one in particular – up close and personal. I’m not sure if anything could be done about that though.
Enjoyment – 8ish.

This is a great effort with alot of time and work put into it.

Overall – 9 for the DL DVD

btw, if you aren’t interested in the deleted scenes or trailers, I had previously encoded a very good quality 1.9 gb avi (using the DL DVD) and is available at MU.
Avi specs: Video – 852×366 xvid 1500 Kbps, Audio 256 Kbps AC3 6 channels.
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