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This is a really good edit and removes some of over used humor in the original films to make a version of the film that feels more emotional and has greater impact. It is certainly an improvement on both the original films (especially end game). The two films are blended seamlessly together, in fact I was trying to remember where one ended and the other started.
There is one part where I did notice the edit and that was when Thor meets the Guardians of the Galaxy. I get that the editor was trying to remove the humor here because it did seem a inappropriate in the original after what Thor had just gone through. The problem is that by removing it the flow feels off. Thor goes from just meeting them to everybody knowing each others names without introduction, also Peter's use of the deep voice goes unexplained or remarked upon... but this is a small problem.
In conclusion and I would say this is a big improvement on the originals and I recommend it highly.

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