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(Updated: April 25, 2022)
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Having not re watched ANY MCU movies in quite some time, I've decided to re-watch as many as possible as fanedits.
Since this will take quite a while, I decided to start at the end, so that the conclusion is fresh in my mind as I look for all the connections going forward.
So I have started with what is the big finale and frankly, there is very little to give away that this is a fanedit. The excisions made are top notch and not once did I THINK "OOPS, SOMETHING MISSING"...not once...(ish). The audio editing in this is first rate though there were a few occasions where I did need to adjust the volume (no deduction mind you).
It should also be noted that in some of the darker scenes, some compression artefacts were present but I'm watching this on a BIG setup and I would expect most to not notice them, but a larger file may resolve this, but for now I score a 9 here...

As noted in another review, and I went and checked the theatrical material, the excision of Black Widow's discourse with the team after the snap does remove the only explanation as to why Captain Marvel goes AWOL for so long. Also, although the removal of the Group Session therapy was a good move, I do think a slight emotional pause here should have been retained as in the Black Widow Cap America chat before Scott turns up. I do feel that the removal of Scott's scenes at the memorial and then reunion was an excision too far and robbed this bridge of a much needed emotional reflection, though I make no deductions for it. ON a not pick point, the fonts for THREE WEEKS LATER and FIVE YEARS LATER do not match, and it would have been easy to resolve that...again, no deductions for that.

But (back to the positives) the real standout for me was the enhanced snap itself and the importation of the various snap scenes diaspora from other entries creates a bravura sequence of scenes that is far more impactful than the theatrical version and is seamlessly accomplished ( though the pager alignment could be a tad better (but it is very good) fact I half expected Fury's "MUTHA_____" line to be completed by sampling another Samuel L Jackson movie...since it is that powerful now (maybe I'll self tweak it...LOL)....

Overall, superb execution technically and this is a great ride which feels just right; frankly THIS will be my GO TO version from here on.

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