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This was a great edit that really streamlined and improved these two films, especially Endgame. I thought the changes to Infinity War were modest and well done; however, I had fewer complaints about that film initially. The changes to Endgame were remarkable. This edit stripped away most of the humor that kept popping up to reduce the somberness of what was happening. The script clearly wanted the viewer to appreciate the gravity of the events; and yet, the film kept trying to make you laugh. This edit removes almost all of that stupid and needless tension.

This edit also really let you appreciate how emotionally broken Thor was, without forcing you to laugh at him constantly.

I think I'm moving the original films to backup and leaving this version on the Plex server.

In fact. that might be my only criticism; a couple of "Part 1" and "Part 2" title cards, or even an "Intermission" title card would allow you to clearly split the film up for viewing in more that one session. But that is a very trivial complaint.

Very, very well done!

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