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They say that the sign of a good movie is that you don't notice how long it is, you are fully immersed. I happened to glance down at my video player's counter at one point, and was surprised to see that two and a half hours had already elapsed!

This extended cut/combination/conglomeration extravaganza clocks in at over four hours, but much of what would have slowed or interrupted the pacing has been stripped away. The edit is tight, and missing scenes are really only noticeable if you're very familiar with the original movies.

This version could also be titled Avengers Assemble: The De-Goofening of Thor. Thor can be kind of thick, and Chris Hemsworth has great comic timing, but some of the jokes in the original films about how dim he is went over the top into complete ridiculousness. The same can be said about a number of other cuts; the Marvel humor is still there, but without over-staying its welcome.

If you've got four-plus hours to spend and love the Avengers, this is the film for you! You won't notice the time...til you try to get up later ;)

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