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So, first things first, I watched this just a week or so after SamSpider's version. I am in no way trashing SamSpider's version, as I rated it very highly. It was excellent. This version is, however, better. And not really technically, as they are both executed on a level that was nearly seamless, and its not due to a better artistic vision, as I feel like both edits were essentially working from the same idea. No, the only REAL difference is that this one is MORE of that. My understanding is that Bobson Dognutt had a few more scenes to work with, and you can tell. I don't remember the exact number, but I think its only like 2 minutes or so, but every second taken from this film was part of the problem with the theatrical cut. Everything bad about it is remedied with these extra scenes, and the fact that this cut has a few more is the only thing that makes it better. Both are absolutely amazing, this is just slightly more amazing.

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