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(Updated: April 10, 2020)
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A very good fan edit of one of my least favorite Marvel films. Version 1.9 of the Extinction Edition is a technically superb edit that salvages some, but not all, of the theatrical version's problems. My partner and I watched together and both felt the added focus on Wanda and her twin brother gave the movie a better throughline. On a narrative-level, that was the strongest upgrade. Making them a more central focus also allowed Tony to be a better short-term villain.

The biggest problem that an extended edition cannot overcome is the awful scenes between Black Widow and Bruce. I love both characters, but no and no. Their scenes move slower than a cryogenically frozen iceberg. There are also lingering generic sequences such as the subway car fight that seem to result from Whedon burning out. The theatrical version just was "meh" compared to the rest of the MCU and Whedon's first Avengers that was a classic.

None of those complaints are to take anything away from the masterful integration of new scenes, special effects, and audio. This is my "go to" of Ultron and makes it a pleasant experience rather than the one I've been -- like an old man at a bird -- ranting at while doing Marvel binges. You've lowered my blood pressure and thank you for that!

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