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This edit improves significantly on both the Theatrical Cut and Samspider3's edit.
The theatrical cut seemed overachieving to me, and failed to leave a lasting impression on me. Specifically, I felt that it wasn't really the *age* of Ultron but rather the week of Ultron. In addition, its opening scene relied on the post-credits scene of Winter Soldier, a fact that diminished from the film as a cohesive unit. Samspider3's cut added well needed volume to this film and helped flesh out certain characters, but the visual effects were not finished.
In comes Bobson's cut. The amount of work and love put in this cut is evident and quite staggering - finalizing all the unfinished VFX sounds crazy to me, but Bobson did it flawlessly. Also, the added/extended footage enhances the narrative (e.g., the stages of Ultron's plan are spaced out. Still doesn't feel like an *age*, but an improvement nonetheless ); helps with continuity (e.g., as Flaminio mentioned, Joburg is quite far from the coast); and further fleshes out each of the main characters (e.g., Quicksilver).
Technically, the edit is very close to perfect. I detected one issue (a missing word at the 1:26:48 mark), but Bobson promised to fix it ASAP.
In conclusion, to paraphrase T'challah: Somebody get this editor a job in Hollywood.

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