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Bobson extends Austin Powers with ten additional and extended scenes, the results are about the same as they were ADigitalMan's cut of the movie which I already reviewed. As a kid, I also grew up on the official extended home release edition of the movie so many of the scenes that have been re-inserted for this and ADM's cut I didn't find all that new...and, again, there are deleted scenes that could benefit from a little trim themselves.

Also provided as an additional freebie by Bobson are deleted scenes and alternative cuts from an unusable preview workprint, although there are some things in rather decent quality, so much so I would not have minded if he had used some of them for this cut to set it apart more distinctly from ADigitalman's edit. The second alternate ending provides different fates for all the characters, though if they had gone with this it would have closed the door on the remaining does however provide a potential explanation for why Number 2 shows up in the second movie though.

Overall, tight editing, but could have been a bit more unique
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