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So its been YEARS since i've seen the original Austin Powers (probably at least 10 years, no exaggeration. So seeing as Frink had made an edit of the movie, I thought it'd be the perfect time to revisit it.

This is the first Frink edit I've watched from start to finish (I tried Ridiculous Menace and AOTR but they ended up not being my my cup of tea). I didn't read the cutlist before watching and I didn't rewatch the theatrical cut before watching this edit. But I did know that Frink had removed some of the potty humor.

The editing was pretty good. I did catch myself saying a few times "isn't there supposed to be a line or gag here?" but that was a consequence of remembering the original, the editing was damn near invisible for this edit!

Overall I enjoyed this edit. That being said I'll stick with the original. After viewing the cutlist, I missed most of the parts that Frink removed. But this is Frink's edit and not mine!

This edit is worth a watch, especially if you haven't seen the original in awhile and if you're like Frink and others who weren't fans of the potty humor in the theatrical cut.

Oh and a parting word to Frink, "Sanitized" is misspelled at the very end credits! Yeah, I went there!

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