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This is a very interesting experiment done by Frink. Taking the hilarious AUSTIN POWERS INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY, remove what some consider to be "potty" or too over the top humor, and see what you have left?

Well I am happy to report you still have a very funny movie. I believe this is a true testament to the genius writing and performance of Mike Myers. His work often get dismissed as silly and juvenile, but I think this edit proves how clever and witty he really is.

But I must admit, I missed the potty humor. I think it is well done in these movies and takes it to another level of hilarity. And there were a couple scenes where the pacing/timing felt off to me because of the cut humor such as the bathroom toilet scene with Tom Arnold.

The video and audio was excellent and the cuts were well executed.

So a very good fan edit, I was well entertained but I still prefer the original.

Thumbs Up.

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