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(Updated: November 08, 2012)
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Audio/Video Quality: Based on the DVD version of this edit the its image and sound quality is average by today standards. However, because this is an old edition I consider that it is ok for when it was first released.

Visual Editing: A lot of o new scenes were added in this edit, some better than others. Some parts of the movie feel repetitive and for that reason it is clear why the were not in the original theatrical release.

Audio Editing: Not a lot to comment here because it did no look like there was a specially difficult challenge to acomplih regarding to the audio edition. The added parts are with no new or changed sounds or music.

Narrative: This is the worst of the Austin Powers movies. The narrative here was not change, only extended. For that reason the narrative is more or less the same, with some unimportant information added in.

Enjoyment: Goldmember was never one of my favourites characters. However here is a little more funnier with some of the new bits. The rest of the cast are the same: Dr. Evil is funny to watch and beyoncé is not

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