August 2020 FEOTM

We have 10 edits for you to vote for this month:


Thor: Odinson? – Godsized Edition by Malthus

My edit aim was restructure the film and create and air of mystery around Thor. Having proved the concept of this edit with the original SD version of this edit I wished to rebuild it in HD using the blu ray source. This allowed me access to deleted scenes previously unavailable to me

Vanishing Point: Special Edition by 15MaF

Aspect ratio conversion to 2.35:1
1 added scene.
Altered Ending,
New end credits.
Supplemental alternative ending.

Babylon 5 Project VIII: Severed Dreams by subjectzero

The Babylon 5 Project aims to focus on the arc stories of the TV show by creating a series of films. This creates a more streamlined rewatch of Babylon 5 for those who want to maximize the arc without having to watch the mostly stand-alone episodes with arc storylines in them.


Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: The No Manson Family Edition by Kikanator96

I enjoy Quentin Tarantino’s Movies, but I wasn’t a huge fan of this movie. I strongly disliked the entire Manson Family plot. However, I really enjoyed Leonardo Dicaprios storyline. So I decided to cut out EVERYTHING about the Manson family and have the movie be strictly centered around Leo/Rick Dalton.

The Lone Ranger Returns by Billy Batson

The only known copy of this serial is a 16mm reduction print found in Mexico in the 1970s…. Being from an old 16mm film, the focus is a bit soft, and has been made somewhat softer by Batson panning and scanning each individual shot in order to eliminate the Spanish subtitles. Still, the intent here is to make this serial more accessible to curious viewers interested in the early origins of a cultural icon.


Reservoir Dogs: The Bloodier Shot by Bobson Dugnutt

The Bloodier Shot aims to reinsert the three deleted scenes back into Tarantino’s first outing, further exploring the characters and their backgrounds. 10 minutes of new footage has been reintegrated into the film. The scenes are less than ideal quality, but I have done what I could to fix the visual and auditory flaws to help them flow back into the film.

Lazarus by JobWillins

This edit combines material from Southland Tales and The Rundown to tell the story of two souls who travel to the 4th dimension, the rest is completely open to interpretation.

Doom: Olduvai by youngy94

[Intention:] To remove all the unnecessary dialogue throughout the movie to speed up the pace as well as bring a more serious tone and to make the movie worthy of being called Doom. I will also try to add things that bring back some nostalgia for many people that played the original games including myself.

Babylon 5: River of Souls 5.21B by lapis molari

The goal is to cut the cheap laughs, tighten the pacing, and replace the funky closing music with Season 5’s closing theme.
Only 3 minutes are cut, but the improved focus and pacing give the feeling that more was cut.

Maniac: A Scarface Edit by SonofSinbad

This edit of Scarface is more of an action movie type film differing from the original film majorly. In this edit i also remove one of the main characters in this film which is Elvira played by Michelle Pfeiffer


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