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This edit was a lot of fun to watch, and it does a great job of translating a full season of television into a decently flowing movie. After watching the original Evil Dead movie series, I was pumped for the announcement of Ash vs The Evil Dead, but I never really got into the show. In my mind, this is as good of a series to cut into a movie form as any, giving it a borderline "Evil Dead 4" feeling. This edit was fun and coherent, and I would say that I definitely enjoyed my time watching it. My only complaints are that I found an inconsistency during the climax of the movie, and I also believe that another 20 minutes or so could have been trimmed here and there to give this edit a more cinematic length and pace, as well as streamline the story more. There is a point towards the third act that uses text to explain what I'm assuming was a large gap of deleted content from the original series, but I didn't really mind it. While some could probably see it as a tad out of nowhere, its style and execution fits pretty seamlessly with the campier, less serious tone of the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness movies. This edit was a blast to watch, and with a few scenes and side plots cut out, this can make a worthy partner to my blu-rays of the Evil Dead series.

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