Ash vs The Book of the Dead

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Ash vs The Book of the Dead
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Tv show Ash vs Evil Dead cut to a 152 minutes edition.
The intention was to cut ALL the 10 episodes of season 1 to one movie. Alternative storyline, Solving the problem by burying the book in not in this cut. The Deal between Ash and Ruby is trimmed, it looks in this cut more a proposal.
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Cuts and Additions:
- Ash dressing up to go out is a little trimmed
- Driving to the bar is trimmed, conversation with the hooker is cut, in this edit he is already banging her in the toilet
- At that moment also some trims and in dialogue
- Driving back to the trailer is cut, smoking pot with some other hooker is trimmed
- Police arriving at the house is trimmed, also when the Male cop is possessed i trimmed some dialogue ( this scene is now more to the action)
- Back to Ash some conversation with his neighbor Vivian is cut, (part of it)
- At work the dialogue with mister Roper is cut (he is introduced later) also the acquaintance between Kelly and Ash is cut because in this edit they already know each other
- Explaining to Pablo the happenings with the book of the dead is with the flashbacks a little trimmed
- Back at the trailer i cut some dialogue at the last scene of episode one
- As always there is dialogue cut to move up with the story
- Ash preparing to leave is trimmed
- Conversation with Pablo in the car is cut
- Mister Roper's his head smashing on the windshield is trimmed, you hear the sound effect but in the original the used some kind of cartoon effect like his head is splattered but it's fake bullshit so that's cut
- Another conversation with Pablo is cut
- At the dinner the dialogue with the Mother of Kelly is trimmed
- In front of the store of Lionel the dialogue is cut
- Lionel explaining some history of the Book is cut
- Dialogue between the cop and Kelly is trimmed
- On the way to the Onkel of Pablo the trip is trimmed
- Jacksonville is trimmed
- The possession of Kelly is trimmed to put the action scenes more together
- I cut out the "Lem" character (now only a visitor)
- I cut out the private army group, only the resurrection of Ruby is used
- In the last three episodes the dialogue trimmed, back to the trailer of Ash is cut

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This edit was a lot of fun to watch, and it does a great job of translating a full season of television into a decently flowing movie. After watching the original Evil Dead movie series, I was pumped for the announcement of Ash vs The Evil Dead, but I never really got into the show. In my mind, this is as good of a series to cut into a movie form as any, giving it a borderline "Evil Dead 4" feeling. This edit was fun and coherent, and I would say that I definitely enjoyed my time watching it. My only complaints are that I found an inconsistency during the climax of the movie, and I also believe that another 20 minutes or so could have been trimmed here and there to give this edit a more cinematic length and pace, as well as streamline the story more. There is a point towards the third act that uses text to explain what I'm assuming was a large gap of deleted content from the original series, but I didn't really mind it. While some could probably see it as a tad out of nowhere, its style and execution fits pretty seamlessly with the campier, less serious tone of the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness movies. This edit was a blast to watch, and with a few scenes and side plots cut out, this can make a worthy partner to my blu-rays of the Evil Dead series.

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