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Ive always been uncomfortable with the bolt-on happy ending that Spielburg seemingly slapped on at the end of this film. I’ve always known where I thought the ending should be – but is it in the same place as JasonN thinks?

The answer is no. I’ll get to that in a minute.


Technically – great edit, seemless work here, no jaring bits or sound problems.

I liked the shortened start of the film. David is less adopted now, quickly thrown – it feels much more chilling. The bit’s you’ve chopped I didn’t even notice weren’t there, except the pool party – I appreciate why you chopped it, but as I recall – they just leave David at the bottom of the pool – uncared for, which may have emphasised that they don’t give a damn for him.

Didn’t recall or remember the other chops you made.

Joe – now as I understood it – he was framed? Cutting that bit out makes no sense as to why the Police want to arrest him later.

We carry on fine now, until a very abrupt ending. My feeling was that the film should have ended with David, in the chopper stranded under the sea chanting the mantra of Blue Fairy making him into a real boy. Although nicely seemless, the ending comes too fast and is David capable of suicide? I don’t think so. If he is, we haven’t been given enough information to appreciate that.

Leaving the Joe subplot in would explain his arrest and would allow a continuance to David trapped under the sea.

Anyway, that’s just my quids worth.

I think you’ve done an excellent job here – the film is much darker, much more chilling as well. Good work.
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