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7.8 12 10
The edit:
This is a pretty good fanedit. There were no hard cuts, no flaws to the image or the plot which I did notice, the plot was complete and although I did really like the Alien ending and thought it would still make more sense to the story than David’s suicide does, it had a nice flow to it. To me the ending came to abrupt and I would have needed a bit more information on the suicidal tendencies of David. Also the “adventure” seemed rather short to me, especially when Prof. Hubby mentions it as a big deal. So, the new ending is not totally convincing to me and left me a bit unimpressed, meanwhile the original ending and the “loving” act of the aliens to fulfill his biggest wish ever and let him then die, forced me to tears. This way, it’s all very cold. This does not mean, that it is wrong, the coldness is part of the story all along and most of the time, it is merely David, the machine, who brings emotion into the orga world. I enjoyed watching this version a lot and I think the faneditor addressed the correct spots to be corrected. Unlike the original I was not bored to death. Well done.
editing: 5 of 5,
entertainment: 4 of 5

Image quality:
The image quality is perfect (IMO).
video quality: 5 of 5

Audio quality:
The audio is could be slightly louder, else it is perfect, no hard cuts, no flaws. There is a repeating audio stutter to the end credits song, but since I don’t know it, it could be intentional.
audio: 4 of 5

The DVD:
The DVD comes with a nice still menu, scene selection and an about menu. All the menus look real good. Animation would have been great, but still, an exceptional DVD design from what I am used to. Audio to the menus would have been nice. No artwork is attached.
DVD: 4 of 5

resulting in a 4 of 5 overall rating from me. This is a very good fanedit and definitely a huge improvement over the original. I recommend anyone who liked A.I. a bit and owns the original to watch this one.
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