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FanMix December 26, 2010 1872
I loved this new edit from Jorge.
The original is an amazing movie but this new take is so smart.
This time the audience is more or less at the same level of knowledge as the female character,
Only the mysterious vanishings of Willis can make us wonder if he’s telling the truth after all.
And so when she discovers the truth, watching that picture, that scene is so much stronger now, IMO.

I just love the new way to tell the ending, a bit like one of those Twilight Zone, or The Prisoner, episodes
where the hero finds himself brought back where he started (well, not really, since it is his “younger self”
that is seen on that last scene, but for the audience, in this case me, it worked the same.)
It was also the same kind of thing in the original, but told differently.
Maybe the original ends on a more emotional way, but this edit needed to end like this, IMO. If not for explaining
the animals screams and roars that Willis hears during the movie when he is visiting some places, at least for the
audience to really understand where did the character come from.

I know the goal of the edit was not to make it better than the original,
but to me it is close to that, and at least as good.
In fact I think this edit needed to be done! But only Jorge knew it, before us all!
(you can add that last line on your next advertise, Jorge! )

It’s probably my favorit Jorge’s edit and I can’t think of anything I did not like about it,
(maybe Jorge made better video quality in the past… but it was okay, exept on some dark scenes.
I guess it’s the price for the color change. that I also liked)
So I think I can rate this edit a 10/10.
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