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FanMix December 26, 2010 2527
I watched this last week and enjoyed it quite a bit. You took a truely fascinating and artistic fim by Terry Gilliam and made it your own. Well done. I knew from the outset that was the way you were going to end the movie and for the most part it works. But along with what Boon said I was kinda scratching my head when the beginning credits were appearing thinking to myself “Why are those popping up?” Then it occurred to me that was the end of the film coming up and Cole was going to keep repeating the same thing over and over.

I really enjoyed the new aspect ratio, gives it more of a cinematic experience, but some of the color treatment was particularly odd. Not saying it was bad, just a little to pink for me. Also, I wish the video quality was a tad bit better because everything seemed a tad bit washed out. I will give you major props though because it must have been hell to color correct the entire film. For that I say, “Good Job”. The audio once again was fantastic. No hard cuts anywhere. Everything was clear and concise.

I must admit I found your “Blue Skies on Mars” much more fulfilling. However, you have once again crafted another wonderfully executed fan-edit by creating a totally unique and alternate version for viewers to watch. With that said, all that remains is “Was I entertained in the end?” The short answer……”You Betcha!”

Recommended. Good job Jorge!
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