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Listen Up, You Primitive Screwheads!!! :) This the best fanedit/extend/alternative version of Army of Darkness you will find.

The Evil Dead trilogy is one of the best horror trilogy ever made. Actually Army of Darkness is a comedy gem filled with really great punch lines, awesome special effects for the time. Though it isn't as good and funny as the Evil Dead 2, it's still a great and overlooked fantasy movie.

Coming back to this fan edit. Ridgeshark is the MacGyver of fan editors. He is able to find the most obscure extend and alternative footage available and put it nicely and restored to the original film. I highly recommend you check his Jaws 2 edition ( for more proof of his talents.

My favorite version of the 4 would be the "Overdose" version, It has an alternate opening and ending. I own the special edition ending, but this was the first time I saw the alternative opening, which I personally prefer than the original one. It has the Evil Dead 2 look and feel which I prefer personally.

I also really liked the other added scenes such as Ash fighting Arthur and Ash recruiting Henry the Red, the extended windmill scene is also pretty amazing to watch. The added deleted workprint quality scenes have been cleaned and are nicely edit together with the original release.

I highly recommend this edit for all Evil Dead fans.

I highly recommend you use a Dvd burner to enjoy this edition or you simply convert the.VOB files into.MP4 or.ISO. You can use one of the applications here:

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