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Absolutely brilliant! Well done WUK!

A lot of the more irritating bits are gone now, and I like the rescoring of the Black Manta prep-scene, etc.

Think this will be my go-to version of Aquaman from now on. I've always wanted to cut my own one as my first fanedit ever, but this one accomplished almost everything I'd have done.

(For info - no comment on the fanedit itself at all - the possible bits I'd change from this, which are more personal than anything else: Remove the "pee on it" line. Remove the plinky plonky music bit in the desert designed to show how 'fun' the banter is. Remove the single half-line about the world needing Arthur to be "more than a king // a hero" (I think it would work as "Atlantis has always had a king - now it needs something more [cut to] a king fights for his nation - you fight for everyone"). Remove the profoundly un-physics-y bit of Arthur dragging those inflatable liferafts at high speed after the submarine rescue.)

Either way, in short - fantastic edit, far better than the theatrical, and fulfils the brief of "to keep Arthur dumb and funny" but remove plot-holes, etc.

Oh, and the small changes to the intro and ending are brilliant. The dock ending is perfect.

Thank you so much for this. I strongly recommend to all.

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