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If you're going to watch Aquaman, this is a better version than the theatrical, which I couldn't stand to sit through. This is a VERY conservative edit, and there's easily another 20 minutes I could've done without, but it doesn't matter. It's an aggressively dumb film with a lengthy IMDB page listing all the ridiculous errors in it (, so there's just really no turning it into something it's not. That's not the editor's fault. I had high hopes that all it would take is some fine-tuning, but that's on me.

Visually, the color change may not really matter, depends on your taste. The editing was technically very well accomplished. I only caught two scenes that were weird. The first is on the boat leaving Sicily. Arthur wakes up and sees his body covered in seaweed, then walks towards the front of the boat. Next we see him arriving at the front to talk to Mera, and he is wearing a shirt and his hair is tied back. In the same scene, Mera is wearing normal surface clothes, then just afterwards when swimming in the trench, she's in her green bodysuit. I don't know if shots were clipped out in editing, these may be glaring continuity errors from the original film. Everything else is cut together well enough.

The "enjoyment" score for the film has nothing to do with the editor's work. DriggyDriggs seems to have executed their vision well. It just didn't substantially change my opinion of the original film:

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