Aquaman: De-Marvelized Edition

Aquaman: De-Marvelized Edition

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Aquaman: De-Marvelized Edition
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Aquaman: Now with Less Cringe.
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Brief Synopsis:
This is a conservative fan edit that I feel greatly improves the tone and watching experience by removing a lot of the corny jokes and a few cheesy lines, and changing the color grade a bit so it isn't so oversaturated.
Like many DC fans I enjoyed the overall story and visuals of the film, but was very frustrated to find so much out of place humor. Either the jokes went too long past what would have been a good punch line, were totally juvenile, or they undercut emotionally sincere moments because the film was afraid of being too serious. Plus, some of the soundtrack choices were pretty cringe-inducing.

I'm calling it the "De-Marvelized Edition," not because it felt 100% Marvel, but because I felt like the humor was an attempt to copy the Marvel formula of a dramatic scene coming to a full stop for a joke (bathos) rather than the humor flowing naturally, and was indicative of a "new direction" by the studio.

This fan edit attempts to correct that and provide a better watching experience for those who would have liked the material to be taken a little more seriously. I wasn't really interested in changing the flashback or story structure. This edit mainly focuses on tone. I'm trying to better capture the intended tone of "Arthurian Legend meets Indiana Jones meets Underwater Star Wars."
Additional Notes:
The source movie has the IMAX scenes intact, so aspect ratio will change periodically (black bars will be present in some scenes, but not others). Nothing has been cropped.
Other Sources:
Aquaman Soundtrack
Special Thanks:
Special Thanks to jswert123456 for the cover art help.
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  • MP4/M4V/MOV
Cuts and Additions:

- " you can KILL that sonuva bitch!" (Now cuts after "you need to live!" and the reason is implied rather than being so on the nose. Scene just feels better emotionally without that.)
- Biker selfies in the bar
- Arthur sniffs his armpits and winces
- "I already got one of those."
- Pros & Cons hologram screen before coliseum fight
- "We got a bogie on our six! BAD GUYS BEHIND US! AAAAAHHHHH!" (Seriously why is he this childishly scared)
- Mera telling Arthur to shut up.
- Arthur: "I just saved your life." Mera: "I saved yours first!"
- Ocean to Ocean by Pit Bull (replaced with more tonally appropriate "sahara desert" music, plus new sound fx)
- The Depeche Mode song during the Black Manta Suit Building Montage (replaced with more menacing music from the soundtrack and new sound fx)
- Arthur and Mera jumping out of the airplane.
- Arthur talking about jumping out of the airplane (since it was cut)
- "If you're the next true king we're screwed."
- "Could've just peed on it."
- "Something Something Trident"
- Mera and Arthur eating roses.
- The pinocchio book and more nagging from Mera.
- "Mi Scusi"
- The toilet bowl gag
- The exchange with his mother about needing a hero instead of a king. It was just way too on the nose. Now she asks him if he's afraid, he says yes, she tells him he's ready, then he goes in. We don't need to be spoon-fed the hero theme. We get it.
- Mera's "People of Atlantis" speech at the end. Her delivery was so cringy and forced she wasn't selling it. So now after they take away Orm, Nereus starts a "Hail to the King" chant and the moment doesn't seem as forced as before.


- Brand new color grading throughout to give this a more mature look, as I thought this movie was way oversaturated and bright AT TIMES. It isn't an extreme change, so don't worry. Everything still looks great.

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