April 2020 FEOTM

A wealth of edits for you this month. Happy voting!


[Image: spiderman3-bandb-front-59-1587938991.jpg]

Spider-Man 3: Back And Black by Son of Sinbad

[Image: botfa-respectable-front-72-1587840300.jpg]

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – Entirely Respectable Edition by TM2YC

[Image: heavysw7-front-4-1587855015.jpg]

Heavy Star Wars: Episode VII by mredthefed

[Image: galaxyquest-warvan-frontt-66-1587854452.jpg]

Galaxy Quest: Sons of Warvan Edition by Revstevens

[Image: golikehell-front-12-1586730643.jpg]

Go Like Hell by macmilln

[Image: ghostbusters2window-front-7-1587461677.jpg]

Ghostbusters 2: Time is But a Window by Bobson Dugnutt

[Image: lessismoore-front-49-1587460991.jpg]

Live and Let Die: Less is MOORE Edition by MusicEd921

[Image: alienorigins-front-34-1587460873.jpg]

Alien Origins by FairFriend

[Image: twilighttrek-charlie-front-15-1587462029.jpg]

The Twilight Zone: Charlie’s Law by The Warlord

[Image: buckrogers-slavegirls-front-54-1586730662.jpg]

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Planet of the Slave Girls – Slavery & Sorcery by lapis molari

[Image: b5signs-front-44-1586729556.jpg]

Babylon 5 Project II: Signs & Portents by subjectzero

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