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The intention of this edit (removing most MCU references and centralizing Scott Lang) is a great idea and for the most part, it works. Bobson's choice in cutting the prologue and letting the audience discover Hank Pym along with Scott is a terrific one. However, almost inevitably, some SHIELD/Stark referenes make their way in and it deflates the insular world that is being careful created here. It feels like a tantalizing glimpse at the Edgar Wright version while still being bogged down in MCU continuity.

A couple of other notes: the lack of an establishing shot when we go from Luis' apartment to Cassie's birthday party felt a little jarring; the introduction of Darren Cross (while I like the idea of leaving him until later to emphasize Scott) feels a little late to introduce the antagonist and his excitement over his not-exploding goat seems a bit strange. I wonder if a cutaway to Cross' failed experiments with VO while Hank is explaining Cross' backstory might have been an elegant solution here?

Regardless, a very good fan-edit in all that moves better than the original version, while not being seamless enough to be a complete shelf replacer. However a second version might just be what's needed. (It worked for Ant-Man himself!)
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