Animation Consecution

Brief Synopsis:
Consecution X features nine shorts by six editors, all based on animated source material. Spanning comedy, drama, adventure and fantasy, there's sure to be something for everyone.
Having been discussed during earlier consecutions, Animation was chosen as the theme for this consecution in a public vote.

The rules were simple, and similar to previous Consecutions:

1) Each short must be animated.
2) Minimum 5 minute length, maximum 15 minutes, plus credits.
3) Ideally, there should only be one short per set of source material.

Deadlines were set (and missed, as is the Consecution Way) and at least two editors completed shorts for submission only to subsequently lose them due to some type of system issues. But in the end, we made it to a release.
Additional Notes:
List of shorts:

The Gods Of War by Mr. Blue (11.06)
A group of soldiers and alchemists struggle with the consequences of their actions.

One Last Game by Masirimso17 (5.16)
Andy's story as a silent short.

Leo, L'Enfant Fantome by That One Guy (14.25)
A young boy undergoing chemotherapy at hospital discovers an incredible secret.

Jurassic Bark by Bobson Dugnutt (15.34)
An archaeological dig uncovers the fossilized remains of Fry's dog Seymour.

Three Is Company by Adabisi (15.01)
Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee find they have an unwanted follower.

Brendan and the Book of Kells by That One Guy (14.59)
With the arrival of a new monk to the abbey at Kells, Brendan learns about an unfinished book.

Flight of the Raider by Mr. Blue (13.53)
The warrior Guts decides that he must part ways with his group but the group's leader Griffith has other ideas.

The Red Turtle by theryaney (14.28)
A man finds himself shipwrecked on an island, with his every attempt to escape by sea foiled by a large red turtle.

Too Much, Too Much by Adabisi (15.00)
Rango the chameleon undergoes a mind-expanding vision quest.

Special Thanks:
Theryaney for keeping this consecution on track for most of the time it has been gestating.
All the editors who took part in the project and/or shared their thoughts and support for it.
Release Information:
  • Digital
  • DVD
Special Features
The DVD is an NTSC DVD9 disc image. It includes subtitles for all edits which feature dialogue, along with an alternate English-language audio track for "Leo, L'Enfant Fantome".

Subtitles are included in the MKV files and enabled using the CC feature in the Vimeo uploads.
Animation Consecution Trailer

The Gods Of War by Mr. Blue

One Last Game by Masirimso17

Leo, L'Enfant Fantome by That One Guy

Jurassic Bark by Bobson Dugnutt

Three Is Company by Adabisi

Brendan and the Book of Kells by That One Guy

Flight of the Raider by Mr. Blue

The Red Turtle by theryaney

Too Much, Too Much by Adabisi

Password for all videos: "consecutionx"

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I have reviewed the shorts separately on their individual pages, so this is really more of an overall impression and some words on the actual presentation.

To properly experience the Animation Consecution, one really has to download and experience the DVD (I watched most via the DVD, and some via MKV). This doesn't necessarily require a disc-burning, since VLC allows for easy playback. The point is, That One Guy has put together a wonderful and creative package to house this Consecution's shorts and it deserves attention. I love the extra effort to give each short its own unique poster as well.

The menus are fun and are presented as an interactive "Fanedit TV" channel. The addition of subtitles for all edits is also very much appreciated.

I hate to make them, but a couple of small criticisms:

1. I was experiencing a relatively loud audio pop every time I clicked on a new menu option.
2. Some of the bonus clips you are initially met with on the first menu screen cut short by about a second, sometimes cutting off gag lines abruptly.

These are pretty minor on the whole. It's also entirely possible the above are a VLC issue, as I did not burn the DVD to disc to test playback in a player.

Not all the shorts were to my taste, but the editing is generally very well executed across the board and I was able to enjoy all of them on some level. My top 3:

Leo, L'enfant fantome
One Last Game
Too Much, Too Much

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Owner's reply March 13, 2022

Thank you very much for the kind words :)

In terms of the DVD issues you mentioned I think they are a VLC-specific issue as I have experienced them during testing the DVD image, but couldn't reproduce it when burning the disc and playing on a PS2 or PS3.

It's good to have them mentioned in reviews, so that people know what to expect if they don't burn a physical copy of the DVD. If I can find a fix, I will create a new version of the DVD image and make it available.

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