Animation Consecution – It’s Finally Here!


The long-awaited Animation Consecution is finally here, marking the tenth entry in a long line of theme-inspired fanedit shorts from across the community. Previous consecutions have covered genres and topics such as horror, science fiction and even love; this time around the spectrum is considerably broader thematically, but all come under the umbrella of animation, with shorts drawing material from things such as Bakshi’s The Lord of the Rings, Toy Story, Futurama, Studio Ghibli, and more.



We owe a debt of gratitude to That One Guy for finalising things and putting together a truly spectacular package; this includes unique art for individual shorts, an original Disney-inspired poster, launch videos and a DVD. The DVD has been designed with interactive menus in the vein of an alternate reality and comes complete with a printable cover-spread.  . . . or for those of you more tuned into the digital age, all shorts can be streamed on Vimeo.


Launch Video


Password: consecutionx


“Consecution X features nine shorts by six editors, all based on animated source material. Spanning comedy, drama, adventure and fantasy, there’s sure to be something for everyone.”


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