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Special Projects January 14, 2014 4671
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From the DVD, Neglify Shorts Vol 1. Thirty minutes chopped from Milo & Otis with no ill effect or cohesion or enjoyment - if one is so inclined.

Video: MPEG 820 X 480p. Sharp throughout. Good cuts and trims to tighten the adventures.

Audio: 2 Channel AC3, 192 Kbps. Pink Floyd’s Animals. I never liked that album, it’s a gloomy downer. For me, Floyd doesn’t work with this film (SPOILER - the music might fit if Milo or Otis got snuffed by predators or run over by a tractor, but they don’t - END SPOILER).

Narrative: This holds together nicely, which indicates to a skeptical soul just how much of the original was padded.

Enjoyment: No way, not for me, though I won’t downscore. I don’t like this particular Pink Floyd album. I don’t like animals. I don’t like dogs, that includes puppies. I don’t like barnyard critters or livestock unless they are on a dinner plate. I’m also one of the four souls who never liked Milo & Otis. Kick me.

99% of audiences will undoubtedly love this.

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