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Review from the eyes of a 2 year old:

My daughter and I have listened to Pink Floyd music ever since she was born. I have over 60 music videos stripped from various sources that I keep on rotation and occasionally play for her before bedtime. She has always really enjoyed Pink Floyd music and their concerts in general. This edit was perfect for our pre-bedtime routine. We split it up over 2 nights and she thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. She easily followed the story and it kept her very entertained. She constantly asked me whether the puppy was going to find the kitty and I had to tell her to just wait and see. The sync was very well done, much of the music felt very appropriate for the scenes we were watching and even when it didn't it was great because it was Floyd.

The only part that didn't quite work was the ending. The reunion of the dog and cat was short lived and then quickly the cat was disinterested and everyone was having babies. I don't know how the original movie went but there definitely should have been a longer emotional payoff after such a long search buildup. I wonder if there isn't something from Saucerful of Secrets or Atom Heart Mother that could be a bonus track to help smooth out the ending? Anyway my daughter certainly didn't notice it too much so all and all it was a terrific experience. I know she'll be requesting it again very soon, and believe me that is her greatest compliment to any form of entertainment!

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