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I thoroughly enjoyed this fanedit. Jerick did a great job of exactly what he set out to do. I didn't even realize this movie wasn't a Disney film until maybe ten years after I saw it. I watched this with my nine-year-old daughter since this movie was really for both of us. Her words are in quotes.

A/V Quality - 9 - "Looked really good."

Visual Editing - 10 - Did you notice anything gone or edited? Did you know there was anything gone from the end? "No. It just looked like a movie."

Audio Editing - 9 - "I didn't see any talking that didn't match. The transactions from one scene to the next were, like, normal."

Narrative - 10 - Maintaining everything I enjoy about the original. Our hero is pretty tough and the villain still dark and disturbing. The nearly unwatchable CGI is gone! Great job. "What do you mean, dad? I didn't see the other version. I don't know what you're saying is gone. I just mean it was good."

Enjoyment - 10 - "I would have to say that it's a ten because I enjoyed it very much. It seemed just like a normal movie but a good movie. I like that one." I think that pretty much sums it up!
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