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FanFix October 22, 2022 1610
(Updated: November 04, 2022)
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A truly fascinating watch.

While I enjoyed the theatrical version, I must be honest, even though I never could quite put my finger on it, I found it somewhat plodding at times.

And yet, Fran's fan edit, which does not trim a lot. In fact, Fran adds even more to the film, played far more engaging for me. Perhaps it is the purposeful Hamlet 5 act structure -- which I really appreciated -- or the rearranging of scenes, making the connection to the character and story much more visceral. Or perhaps, it is because where trims are made, they are artistically done in a way that reinforces the mythological underpinnings of the story. Again, I can not quite put into words why this version connected with me on a much stronger level, only that it does. And it does it masterfully.

I watched the smaller 9G MKV file, and the picture quality was excellent. The new soundtrack additions and cues are all pitch perfect. And the deleted scenes are seamlessly integrated.

This is the type of film and fan edit that stirs a lot of dark emotions, and so I can not claim "I love it" or would be eager to re-watch it in the immediate future, but I can acknowledge it as a fantastic piece of fan editing and storytelling.

Thumbs Up!

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